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Personal Training


As a Personal Trainer, I can help you set your own fitness goals, and then help you achieve them.

No matter what your age, weight, fitness level or experience with exercise in the past, I can provide a programme tailored specifically for you.

With all of my personal training programmes, I like to incorporate a wide range of cardiovascular and resistance activities that I have learned from my training and experience both here in New Zealand and overseas.

I specialise in personal training those who do not have much experience with exercise, for mothers looking to get back into shape, and I cater for those who do not like to work out in a crowded gym.

I will ensure that your fitness programme is effective in achieving your goals, safe and something that you will enjoy and stick to!

Contact me now to discuss your fitness goals and how I can help you achieve them.


I'm a Personal Trainer, Licensed ZUMBA® Instructor, and a mum.

I hold a National Certificate in Fitness (Level 3) from the NZ Institute of Health & Fitness, and have been teaching Zumba for many years.

Before I started in the health & fitness industry, I was the managing editor of a health magazine that went to over 400,000 households.

Since then, I have initiated and instructed a range of group fitness classes both in NZ and overseas.

I have a background in dance, which includes many years in a NZ performing arts group...skills which I now use to develop and teach a variety of group fitness classes, including ZUMBA®.

I spent a number of years in the Middle East, where I instructed kick-boxing and ab/core fitness classes, as well as providing personal training services for a range of clients.

Since returning to NZ, I have taught ZUMBA® classes at a number of gyms around Auckland, and run a variety of ZUMBA® classes outside of gyms.  I am a registered member of the ZUMBA® Instructor Network. 

I specialize in personal training and teaching fitness classes for people of all ages and fitness levels, and have a particular interest in helping those who have not had much experience with exercise, and mothers looking to get back in to their pre-natal shape (I've been there so I know what it's like!).